Renters Insurance

Many residents in the St Louis, MO area have taken on renting while they jumpstart their careers and education in the area. Even those that are between permanent homes find the need to rent periodically. At Travers Insurance, we offer a renter’s insurance policies that our clients can count on to protect their assets.

Property Coverage

In the event that the apartment or home that you are renting is damaged due to a natural event or accidental fire, the landlord's homeowner policy for the dwelling will cover any structural damage to the property. However, your personal property as the renter will not be covered unless you are carrying renter’s insurance. Without it, you will be financially responsible for covering the replacement cost of your property.

Temporary Relocation

On top of having to replace damaged property, you may have to relocate temporarily while your home is renovated or until you can find a new rental property. Without renter’s insurance, you are financially responsible to cover these expenses. With renter’s insurance, you can get assistance to cover these costs while you rent a hotel for a few nights or condo rental for a month or two.

Liability Coverage

In the event that a guest is hurt on the property you are renting, you could be held responsible for any medical expenses or bodily injury. With renter’s insurance, you have a liability clause that allows you to take advantage of financial assistance to cover these costs.

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Travers Insurance offers a number of insurance options to keep you protected from other people’s injuries or protecting your personal property. We look forward to hearing from you soon!