Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Why You Should Have Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Boaters are not required by law to have liability insurance. It's important to remember that your auto and home insurance won't cover your boat. In the instance of damage occurring to your boat or someone getting hurt on it, it's in your best interest to have adequate insurance to cover any costs.

What Determines Boat/Watercraft Insurance Costs

Are you aware of how much boat insurance costs? There's no simple amount ascribed to it because it depends on different factors.

  • The type of boat you have
  • Characteristics of your watercraft, including its length, horsepower, and its condition (whether it's new or pre-owned)
  • If there will be a lay-up period when you're not using your boat and will need to store is somewhere
  • Geographic usage - where do you plan to use your watercraft in Webster Groves MO and the surrounding areas? Some policies will only cover the use of your boat in certain geographic locations.
  • Safety features - make sure that your boat has the proper safety features included such as life vests and its definitely a plus if you take a boating safety course.
  • Protection outside of use on the water - most insurance companies won't offer coverage for the boat when it's being transported on land. However, your auto policy may apply if you're towing your boat using your automobile.

As you can see, there are numerous things to keep in mind with boat/watercraft insurance in Missouri. Reach out to Travers Insurance and you'll have great success with obtaining the coverage you need.

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